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DC’s Power Trio: Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency, Mockingbird Hill

Southern Efficiency in Washington DC—via

“Though the spots are kissing cousins, related by blood under the ownership of cocktail and spirits expert Derek Brown, each has its own theme—Eat the Rich, cocktails and raw bar; Southern Efficiency, whiskey and Southern food; Mockingbird Hill, sherry and tapas. Pick your favorite or follow our lead and do a mini bar crawl, sampling a cocktail and a few bites at each location.”

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Still Tasty

citrus-olive oil cake, via

Citrus-Olive Oil Cake for Snacking and Sharing

“Though Lisa originally baked a grapefruit version as her breakfast gift, over the past five years, I’ve made this cake with any and all citrus fruits I can get my hands on. I can tell you it’s equally bright and refreshing with a combination of grapefruit and lime, or Meyer lemons, or the blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges I used for the cake pictured here.”

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freeze-ahead, single-serving chocolate chip cookies - via

Freeze-Ahead Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

“But I also know you don’t actually miss the cookies. Not because you went crazy and decided to stop eating chocolate or anything foolish like that, but because they inspired something better and more convenient for you: the bag of individually shaped, single-serving cookie dough balls I always keep in the freezer for you to bake up whenever your sweet tooth is demanding a late-night chocolate chip cookie fix. (This way, I don’t have to apologize for not making you fresh batches of cookies at 11 pm when I’d rather be in bed, you night owl!)”

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tuna noodle "casserole" shells for single-serving dinners, via

Tuna Noodle “Casserole” Shells

“By baking tuna noodle casserole filling into pasta shells—the same ones you’d typically fill with ricotta for a traditional Italian-American dinner of stuffed shells—classic TNC is transformed into a portable, freezable package. Bake them in single serving sizes if you have tiny casserole dishes, or make a big batch and portion them out as needed or wanted.”

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