The How-To Kitchen: Pie Crust

Pie crust is one of those things that causes irrational fear. Even certain seasoned cooks I know quail at the thought of making one by hand, when it can be pulled together almost instantly with a food processor and only a little longer without. All you need is super-cold butter and water and you will not fail.

cherry pie
Now, some swear by a mixture of shortening and butter, and there are some Southern purists who will seek out lard. I use shortening so rarely that it goes bad in my pantry before I finish the tub, so I rely on the following all-butter recipe, taken from Ms. Martha Stewart. It makes two crusts, perfect for anything sweet or savory. Dare I suggest a chicken pot pie?

Now go off and impress all your loved ones with your newfound skills—and don’t let me catch you skulking around the Pillsbury pie crust aisle ever again.

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  1. says

    Ah, Ms. Stewart, the pride of our town of Nutley. The few times I’ve done pies, I prefer the butter/flour recipe over shortening or lard (like you, mainly because I don’t keep it in the pantry).

  2. Sarah King says

    I finally got around to using our food processor (a wedding gift we didn’t have enough space to use in NYC) AND to making pie crust for the first time. So easy and so superior to store bought. Definitely doing it this way from now on. Thanks!