How to Cook Pizza on the Grill – With Video

Anyone who’s ever gone shopping with me will give it to you straight: I can find a convincing reason to buy almost anything.

They call me The Enabler—if you’re looking for an excuse to get a new pair of shoes, a DSLR, a Wii, or an armchair (ooh, especially a chair), you should take me with you, because I’ll talk whatever it is right out of the store and into your home.

grilled pizza
Photo: Casey Barber

Obviously, this weakness extends to the land of cookware and kitchen appliances as well. I’ve talked myself into such valuable (no, really; that’s not an ironic adjective) purchases as sno cone machines, retro-style beverage coolers, and one. more. piece. of flame Le Creuset.

But it bothers me—well, if we’re being completely honest, it fills me with frustrated rage—to see people spending good money on stuff that doesn’t actually help them or simplify their cooking time, but is more or less a waste of money and a useless extra thing to wash at the end of the meal.

grilled pizza
Photo: Casey Barber

Which is why I felt it necessary to show you, via video, that you don’t need any special equipment—no specific stone, griddle, or other specialty slab—to cook pizza on the grill.

If you have a working grill, some cornmeal, and a piece of pizza dough, you have everything you need. Promise.

grilled pizza
Photo: Casey Barber

For some reason, it freaks people out when I tell them I throw my dough directly on the grill grates. No, it won’t stick. It might not be a perfectly round pie, but then, my pizza never really is. (We call it “freeform” here in our little hippie household.)

By generously coating a pizza peel, or even a flat baking sheet with cornmeal, you’ve got an easy way to get that pizza on the grill. The coarse little grains of corn act as ball bearings to roll the dough safely onto the grates.

Don’t believe me? Just watch the video above to see it in action. Go back, I’ll wait….

Right? Nothing fancy, no magic tricks. And you’re left with a crispy, chewy, blistered pizza every time.

Now get off the computer and fire up the grill. Thank me later.

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    1. Great question! The grill is on direct heat – you’re essentially replicating the high temperatures of a brick/stone pizza oven, so make sure your grill is at least 500˚F before you throw the dough on.

    1. Jen, we have to go shopping together sometime. Just for fun. Just to see what we bring home. :)

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