The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Apologies to those who get really excited about Thanksgiving turkey, but it’s everything else on the table that makes my heart beat a little faster each November.

And that’s not just because of all the homemade gravy I’m pouring over my stuffing and mashed potatoes.

There’s just something about Thanksgiving side dishes that gets me drooling every year—and I actually have been able to do an all-sides menu once or twice at some of my Friendsgiving and smaller gatherings.

roasted brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving side dishes
Photo: Casey Barber

And you know what? Nary have I heard a word of complaint as the casserole dishes of vegetables and starches circled around the table.

Plates were still licked clean, bellies were still stuffed, and everyone rolled home happy.

Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving side, whether it be the aforementioned stuffing or sweet potatoes (with or without marshmallows).

celery root spinach gratin
Photo: Casey Barber

Or, if you’re my dad, a bowl of regular buttered corn that he can mix into his mashed potatoes. You do you, dad.

And if you have an heirloom family recipe that absolutely must be part of your Thanksgiving lineup, I’m not here to dissuade you from that. Far from it!

But if you’re looking for some Thanksgiving side-spiration, this list of recipes is here to give you the menu juju you need.

kale leek and bacon bread pudding for Thanksgiving side dishes
Photo: Casey Barber

From the tried-and-true classics to newfangled comfort, and a few things that could even pass for a main course (kale and bacon bread pudding, I’m looking at you), it’s a veg- and carb-fest to be proud of.

Each of these easy Thanksgiving side dishes is a time-tested, crowd-approved dish that has graced my table more than once in the past decade.

In quite a few cases, I’ve even busted out these recipes in the middle of the year when I’m feeling the urge.

Pick a few, or make ’em all. There’s no wrong way to gorge yourself on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving side dishes

The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Looking for the best Thanksgiving side dishes for your holiday gathering? Here's a roundup of easy recipes, including stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more.

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