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Brown Eggs and Jam Jars + Maple Snow Taffy

making maple snow taffy, via

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars encourages you to use what you got, then get out and enjoy it in nature as often as possible. Camping, grilling, outdoor dinners, harvest gatherings, apple picking—it’s hard not to lace up my hiking boots and make a backpacker’s banh mi this very minute. And, in the winter, taking advantage of all that snow we’ve been so fricking blessed with in the Northeast. Thanks to Aimée, I finally went forth and tried my hand at something I’ve wanted to do ever since I read Little House on the Prairie in kindergarten: make maple snow taffy.”

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Still Tasty

the Harvest Manhattan cocktail with applejack, nocino liqueur, and cherries - via

The Bar Cart: The Harvest Manhattan

“And so we have a cocktail that pairs a few of my go-to ingredients (hello, cherries, nice to see you again; welcome back, whiskey) with some new friends. It’s a riff on the classic Manhattan that switches out herbaceous sweetness for warming autumnal flavor and nutty undertones.”

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tagine with lamb meatballs (kofta), via

How Lamb Made Me Love Meatballs: Kofta Tagine

“The kofta are great on their own, but make a flavorful sauce and add some veggies and you have a tagine, a North African dish that resembles a stew. Named for the Arabic word for the earthenware pot in which it’s prepared, a tagine is a one-pot delight, my favorite kind of dish, full of bold flavors and fresh herbs, and easy to mop up with a thick piece of bread.”

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fancy burger at Butterjoint in Pittsburgh, via

A Burger That Doesn’t Need Heinz at Pittsburgh’s Butterjoint

“It’s a simple operation: freshly ground local beef, your choice of cheese, onions, bacon, and—in my opinion—the secret weapon that makes the Butterjoint burger sing like no other: smoked rhubarb ketchup. Sweet and tangy, its acidity is an addictively refreshing counterpoint to nutty Gruyere and drippy beef fat, and even in this Heinz-proud town, it’s the one substitute I can’t stray from.”

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hearty mushroom pasta, via

Mushroom Pasta Worth Remembering

“I’ve actually been making a version of this dish since our honeymoon in 2005, when I ate the most sublime bowl of mushroom pasta at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville. Since that day, I’ve been working to recreate that most perfect dish—this is just the first time I’ve stopped to commit quantities and procedures to paper (er, pixel).”

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zucchini soup from Nile Style, via

Book Review: Nile Style

Nile Style should easily slide onto the shelf where you keep your most dog-eared cookbooks. It’s full of easy, healthful dishes like a zucchini soup you could whip up in less than 20 minutes for Meatless Monday, or Bedouin lamb stew that can be left simmering on the stovetop for a cozy Sunday family supper.”

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