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Snapshots: Central Provisions, Portland, Maine

Central Provisions in Portland, Maine—via

“There are no traditional divisions between starters, entrees and sides on the menu: whether you’re choosing raw, cold, hot, or hearty, every dish is a self-contained unit, and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to take on. Likewise, the lineup of plates doesn’t restrict itself to a culinary focus: the menu runs the gamut from all-American staples like an Italian grinder, stuffed with mortadella and capicola, or luxurious specials like cured foie gras with uni.”

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Still Tasty

Photo: Casey Barber

The Bar Cart: A Summer Red Wine Spritzer

“Riffing on this centuries-old practice became my obsession as I perfected my go-to recipe for a summery red wine spritzer. Subtly savory but still thirst-quenching, and most certainly not diluted in flavor or body in any way, my new favorite warm-weather wine cocktail takes its cues from the tinto de verano and the New York Sour, a wine-topped version of the classic whiskey sour that’s also been knocking around since the 19th century.”

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spicy mango-ginger granita, via

Need a Granita? Of Course You Do.

” Like ice cream, it can be made with combination of flavors you like, but unlike ice cream, you don’t need any special equipment apart from a blender or food processor, a freezer-safe pan, and a fork. You can make as much or as little granita as you like, and, aside from opening the freezer every hour or so to give it a good scraping, there’s really nothing to it.”

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rustic whole-grain fruit tart, via

A Whole Grain Fruit Tart for Any Season

“This tart could just as easily be made with all all-purpose flour or a half-and-half blend of all-purpose and whole wheat, but if you’ve got odds and ends of random whole-grain flours taking up space in your fridge or freezer, feel free to play around with this recipe to use them and clear out a little extra room. It’s also totally fine to use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand—sweet plums and nectarines mixed with last year’s frozen raspberries, or the first fresh blueberries with frozen peaches are equally appealing.”

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sour cherry pierogies from Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food by Casey Barber - via

Sour Cherry Pierogies from Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food

“Pierogi dough recipes are like red sauce recipes (or pot roast recipes, or spanakopita recipes, or latke recipes)—if it’s been passed down through generations of family cooks, every single version is going to be a little different from someone else’s. It’s like playing recipe telephone, basically. Without a Polish babcia to show me the One True Way, I never had the burden of tradition weighing upon me when I started experimenting with various pierogi doughs, and this is what I’ve come up with as my go-to recipe.”

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smoky micheladas, via

The Bar Cart: Smoky Micheladas

“It’s an ideal make-ahead drink for picnics and outdoor gatherings—just mix it in a lidded container like a half-gallon mason jar and store in the fridge until you’re ready to pack up and go. A tiny hit of chipotle powder is all you need to turn these into smoky micheladas; adjust to your taste or try out smoked paprika for a slightly different tack.”

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mango avocado fish tacos, via

Mango Avocado Fish Tacos: The First Lesson in Learning To Love Fish

“The second I got wise to mango avocado salsa (yes, I know, way late to the party, but so glad I showed up), my fish tacos became magic. When I made the first batch I was struck, before I ever tasted them, by how gorgeous they were: a riot of red, yellow, green, and orange that I couldn’t wait to eat. And, yes, they were everything I hoped they would be. Now I make fish tacos at least once a week when it’s warm out.”

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