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Still Tasty

curried chicken salad, via

Make-Ahead Meals for the Busy Bon Vivant: Curried Chicken Salad

“I especially love combining the brininess of pickles, the heat of spice, and the mellow sweetness of dried fruits in protein-packed salads that will keep in the fridge all week. As the salads sit, their flavors intensify, rewarding you for eating leftovers or bringing your lunch to work. My two favorites to keep in the fridge are my Mediterranean tuna salad and this curried chicken salad.”

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mezcal and beet margarita, via

The Bar Cart: The Red Alert! Mezcal and Beet Margarita

“Obviously switching out your margarita’s usual tequila for mezcal is a stellar starting point, and highly recommended for summer porch drinking (I’ve already tested it on your behalf to make sure it works; you’re welcome). But to really enhance mezcal’s prominent smokiness, you can make one more little substitution. Don’t beet me up for suggesting—nay, demanding—that a batch of beet simple syrup come into play.”

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Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food by Casey Barber

Pre-Order Pierogi Love! Get FREE Bonus Recipes!

“As a thank-you for pre-orderingPierogi Love, I’ll send you a FREE eBook containing 4 recipes from the book as well as 2 bonus recipes I created especially for you. You won’t get them anywhere else—not in Pierogi Love, not on this website—and they’ll definitely help get your imagination going on what else you can stuff inside a pierogi.”

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Southern Efficiency in Washington DC—via

DC’s Power Trio: Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency, Mockingbird Hill

“Though the spots are kissing cousins, related by blood under the ownership of cocktail and spirits expert Derek Brown, each has its own theme—Eat the Rich, cocktails and raw bar; Southern Efficiency, whiskey and Southern food; Mockingbird Hill, sherry and tapas. Pick your favorite or follow our lead and do a mini bar crawl, sampling a cocktail and a few bites at each location.”

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