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April may be the cruelest month, but October is definitely the most generous month—and not just because orange is the dominant color of the season. Have you gone apple picking yet? Have you picked up your four-pack of pumpkin pie soda? There’s so much to do before October ends.

I’ve been working my tail off all month and, as always, love to share the fruits of my labor with you:

whole grain cheez its

  • October Unprocessed, the monthlong challenge created by Eating Rules’ Andrew Wilder, is now in its third year, with more participants than ever—more than 6000 at last count! It’s not too late for you to join in or catch up with the many guest posts and recipes, and I’ve done my part too. Many of the recipes in Classic Snacks Made from Scratch are naturally unprocessed, so it wasn’t a stretch for me to make a whole-grain version of Cheez-Its as this year’s October Unprocessed contribution.
  • Speaking of Classic Snacks Made from Scratch, do you live in Atlanta? Do you want to have homemade Cheetos, Hostess Cupcakes, and Fudge Stripes made just for you? Thanks to my friends at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, you can bid to win a private snack-making workshop for your family through their Fall Auction Benefit on November 10. Tickets for the benefit are only $50, and a day of cooking with me is clearly priceless (don’t worry, we’ll pick a mutually available date for us to get together), so what are you waiting for?

homemade pumpkin butter

  • On a more virtuous note, if you’ve never made apple butter or pumpkin butter from scratch, you’re in for a treat. I’ve got two slideshows on iVillage that walk you through the incredibly simple process in four easy steps. You can make it in the slow cooker, in the oven, or on the stovetop: no excuses!
  • Also on iVillage, I’ve created 10 “devilish” recipes that’ll get you hot under the collar. If you’re a spice wimp, just decrease the amount of chilies in each recipe by half, but please don’t miss out on the chipotle chilaquiles and spicy coconut Thai curry. I know I’ve developed a good recipe when I voluntarily eat the leftovers for the rest of the week.

chipotle chilaquiles

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  1. Nice post — lots of orange — and the photos and I’m ready to tuck into that spicy thai curry pictured on the iVillage link!

  2. I am playing around on Pinterest instead of doing homework. No bueno. I saw this pin and thought I’d take a look. It sounds interesting, I have never heard of pumpkin butter. So, it is kind of like apple butter? How do you prefer enjoying it, in what kind of applications? I love pumpkin flavors, I would love to try making some to can :D

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