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Maybe, like me, you were reluctant to turn the calendar to a new month this morning, realizing we have half the year behind us. But I’ve got something that will make your day a little brighter and tastier, not to mention more organized. As we come up on Good. Food. Stories.’ fourth anniversary, I’m happy to announce that Good. Food. Stories. has partnered with Evernote Food as a featured publisher, making our entire recipe database searchable through the already-awesome—not to mention free—app’s food-focused spinoff.

Evernote Food now features
Search by site name or by specific ingredient, or just browse through the recipes featured on the app’s gorgeously-designed homepage. Once you’ve found a recipe that tickles your fancy, you can read it directly from site or blog, or save the recipe to your Evernote cookbook folder for later use. (The app is also a fantastic way to discover new favorite sites, like my latest addiction, Brit + Co.)

If you like to eat but you’re not already familiar with Evernote Food, I highly recommend downloading it for your iPhone, iPad, or Android tout suite. Yes, it features an incredible collection of recipes from featured publishers like Good. Food. Stories., but it also allows you to save your own recipes directly into your cookbook from your own Evernote account—perfect for when I’m daydreaming on the train but know I’ll never remember my brilliant ideas once I get home.

evernote food restaurant
It also lets you tag and save restaurant locations, allowing you to keep track of places you love or just want to visit—another lifesaving feature for me, who can’t ever remember the ever so many must-try New York spots on my to-eat list, and who loves to keep any and all restaurant recommendations on hand when traveling to a new city. (You should see the list of potential spots I took with me to Austin last month.)

Basically, it’s got all the intuitive, set-it-and-forget-it functionality of all-purpose Evernote, but it’s tweaked and tuned for us food lovers. And I’m so happy to have Good. Food. Stories. on board.

FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Good. Food. Stories. receives a minuscule commission on all purchases made through Amazon links in our posts.

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  1. Hrmmm. Does this affect your traffic at all? Like, does the app list your whole recipe or does it link back to your site for the good stuff?

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