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My Favorite Cookout Recipes for Summer Fun and Feasting

These summer cookout recipes will make eating outside so much more fun—from classic hot dogs and burgers to refreshing side dish options, we’ve got it all.

One of my favorite summer rituals is eating outside in the backyard. Even if it’s just Dan and me, it feels so much better to sit around our outdoor dining table and relax—especially these days.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a long list of tried-and-true cookout recipes that are absolutely perfect for serving and enjoying outdoors.

Some, like burgers and hot dogs, just taste best on the grill. Others, like my stovetop baked beans, tangy coleslaw, or elote corn salad, can be made ahead of time and brought outside when it’s time to dig in.

easy summer cookout recipes

All of these easy cookout recipes can serve groups both large and small—so you don’t need to wait around for the day when you can finally have people over again.

Even if it’s just your family, eating outdoors offers a change of pace that makes the summer season that much more special.

And maybe this summer is the time to try a project like making your own burgers or freezing a batch of homemade pudding pops.

Or just do something new like mixing it up with a new hot dog topping, like my favorite Chicago dog relish.

Bookmark this list of my go-to summer cookout recipes for when you need a pick-me-up—I’m sure they’ll become your favorites too.

Easy Summer Cookout Recipes

easy summer cookout recipes

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