Savory Parmesan Shortbread Rounds

Has anyone else felt out of whack this month? We only put our tree up last Thursday, and I keep thinking there’s an entire extra week between now and December 25 instead of a mere 10 shopping days. Yeesh.

But there’s still time to bake. I’ve got a guest post at Rainy-Day Saver, a fantastic finance site with smart DIY ideas that are completely doable even for a budget failure like me. There, I wax poetic on one of the more unusual additions to your holiday baked goods selection: savory parmesan shortbread rounds.

parmesan shortbreads
I love the idea of throwing something salty into the mix of sugar cookies and chocolate-covered candies being passed around this time of year, and these parmesan shortbreads are easy enough to make en masse. They’re incredibly rich, and would also be killer floating in a bowl of tomato soup for a soothing lunch as the gray days of January drag on.

And if you decide to send some unexpected cheesy goodness via USPS, it’s worth it to read these tips on shipping homemade treats safely from Serious Eats. The shortbreads are fairly crumbly, so pad well.

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