C.C. in London, Part 5, or P.S. Coffee!

Today, we offer the final installment of C.C.’s London sojourn in which she finds the most wonderful coffee, on her last day, of course.

C.C. as we know, has been suffering from a lack of proper coffee in England: lines too long and slow moving for one with coffee jitters, cup sizes too small, white too milky, black too blech! And just an overall unpredictably that does not suit one with a caffeine addiction, n’est ce pas?

And so, after four days in Covent Garden, it finally dawns on C.C. to stop frequenting Starbucks and visit the quaint little coffee shop across the street from the hotel. You know the one doing a brisk business, every day, all day, even up until the late hours of 6:30 p.m.

But first, C.C. would like to explain the going to Starbucks thing. She realizes this is very bad form for an American abroad, the kind of thing she’d never think an intrepid traveler such as herself would resort to. It is akin to visiting McDonald’s in Japan for the comfort factor of English, more than the Big Mac.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, or so she tells herself. Besides, all of the other people in line were British, too, which tells you something about the coffee situation in the empire, doesn’t it? Not everyone wants to wait in line for an espresso. Besides, compatriots, not to worry: C.C. put on a British accent when ordering, no one was the wiser!

Anyway, after all of her kvetching, it turns out that quite possibly the best coffee in London is right there under her nose all along. [Cue angelic harp playing]

Monmouth Coffee began roasting and retailing coffee in 1978. They use Petroncini roasters manufactured in Bologna Italy—and not that C.C. knows what that means, but she does know it makes the damn finest coffee she has ever tasted—bright and sweet, full and rich, and ever so delicious with that excellent British milk. Sigh. Monmouth coffee is what you dream about when you dream about the perfect coffee.

And the taste is further enhanced knowing that Monmouth engages in sustainable, fair and equal trade, working with organic and biodynamic cooperatives from all over the world. C.C. suggests you check out their newsletter to read about some of the fascinating producers such as organic Fazenda Camocim in Brazil and organic, Vedic, and Biodynamic Balmaadi Estate in Tamil Nadu.

But mostly, C.C. strongly suggests you visit Monmouth when next in London.

And it is with this final sip of heavenly coffee, that C.C. takes her leave of London, and learns that parting is such sweet sorrow.

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