The Hole in the Wall Files: Der Jaeger Antiques and BBQ Pit

Willkommen! Welcome to Der Jaeger. Whether you are hunting for fine art, fine dining, collectables, militaria, or just a quick bite; you’ve come to the right place. But you don’t have to be German to enjoy all that we have to offer…

I love Pennsylvania. If you happen to be driving through the town of Lake Ariel, perhaps during a weekend trip to the northern Poconos Mountains, you may suddenly get a whiff of BBQ. All I saw was an antique store, but…

…it suddenly it all made sense! Antiques and BBQ. Why the heck not?

Right next to the antique store was the BBQ shack. After perusing the menu, we went with the advice of locals and got the chicken and ribs combo. One order for two hungry people is plenty. However, we did get two orders of the German potato salad, made with lots of vinegar and onions, which turned out to be a smart move.

There’s the smokey pit!

You can enjoy your dee-licious BBQ behind Der Jaeger’s, right there by the crik.

Or, if you prefer to be more formal, you could eat lunch out on the lawn. Ahh, summer.

But the serious eating of ribs is messy business, so we took our BBQ home. Plus, it’s better not to drive when you’re meat drunk.

Rather than the sweet taste of Southern style BBQ, this was much more vinegary. De Jaeger says it better than I:

If you only have time for a quick bite, stop in for slow smoked ribs or chicken. We also have authentic German wurst and Polish kielbasa, handmade burgers, different kabobs, and fresh homemade salads.

But they also cater and do vegetarian and vegan food, too!

When preparing our dishes we use coconut oil instead of butter to protect the flavor. Coconut oil is usually used as a substitute for eggs as well. As a milk substitute we choose Silk organic soymilk. (Whenever we use soy we make sure it does not contain casein).

If you were to judge Der Jaeger’s Antiques and BBQ by their antiques and trinkets, you likely would pass it by. But now you know.

Der Jaeger, 55 Purdytown Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA. 570-226-8252.

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  1. Our family has been frequenting Der Jaeger for years. We’ve enjoyed the BBQ and catering, as well as a many course meal prepared inside. Everything is homemade and delicious. We affectionately refer to the place as “Ribs and Rugs.”

  2. This is a well kept secret! The food is as great as the hospitality! I send all my friends there when they are in the area! We love to go there and “chat” with Savanah and her husband Yanish! Oh and don’t forget the beautiful antiques!!

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