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Ask Casey: Wings and a Prayer

Ask Casey: Cooking and Kitchen Questions Answered

It’s almost football season and we’re looking for a new place to eat wings, drink a lot of beer, and watch the Giants. Where would you go?

Good question! I could wax poetic on the virtues of handmade pasta, fresh oysters, and locally-raised pork any day, but I can also kill a pitcher and a bucket of wings when the mood hits. Hey, I went to Bucknell—I have a reputation to uphold.

The West Side location of Blondie’s (212 W. 79th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam, or 1770 2nd Ave between 92nd and 93rd Sts.) is without a doubt my favorite spot for a pint of good old Pennsylvania-brewed Yuengling and a plate of dismembered chicken appendages. (Hey, parts is parts.) There were a few scary weeks this summer when this location had a run-in with the law due to unpaid taxes or somesuch that sent Danielle and me into fits, but it is most thankfully up and running again.

This is as dependable a sports bar as they come—lots of flat-screens, basic beer selection (in addition to Yuengling, they serve Harp, Blue Moon, and the Coors/Miller/Bud trifecta). The menu is deluxe and extensive, though, and the wings are crispy without verging on dried-out with a huge sliding scale of hotness options. Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the seriously addictive waffle fries that you can order with a side of gravy. Am I the only one who loves gravy fries?

Bayard’s Ale House (533 Hudson St. at Charles) is such an under-the-radar place. Located south of the drunkard gold standard White Horse Tavern, the former Sazerac House offers a great selection of draft beer options including Goose Island, Old Speckled Hen, and other non-avian themed brews like Belhaven. The wings are tangy, well-fried, and oh-so-tasty dipped in the homemade blue cheese sauce as you sit at the bar and relax in the low-key, neighborhoodly atmosphere. You might even find one of the West Village’s middle-aged trannies keeping company in a corner as one of the regulars. I beseech you to patronize it often so I’m not left mourning its loss.

bayards ale house wings
Although my despairing, Mets-loving husband can no longer find it within him to set foot inside Wogie’s (39 Greenwich Ave at Charles), if you are indifferent/predisposed to the Phillies, you will have no problem there. Being a Philly bar, it’s predominantly known for its cheesesteaks, but I can attest to the quality of the wings. Just know that atmosphere is danker/dirtier than the others on this list, and beware of the upholstered seats—I am afraid to have my bare skin touch them. Or drink so much and burn out your mouth with the hot sauce so you no longer notice.

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  1. Your husband should get over it. There’s no reason rooting for the Mets should keep you from enjoying a good batch of wings or even a cheesesteak.

    Life is too short to base your eating decisions on the ups but mostly downs of a baseball team.

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