GFS Contributor Guidelines

Interested in writing a guest post for Good. Food. Stories.? What a funny coincidence—I’m always interested in hearing from new contributors! Please keep the following guidelines in mind when proposing and writing a potential piece:

  • Good. Food. Stories.’ main objective is good storytelling. Personal opinions, anecdotes, and experiences should be at the forefront of your piece; while the site strives to educate as well as entertain, I’m not looking for purely informative “how-to” pieces. I welcome personal essays, restaurant/book/movie reviews, opinion or trend pieces, or other new and creative ideas. Inject your personality into the piece!
  • Posts must consist of original content that has not been published elsewhere. All recipes must be original or significantly adapted with proper credit and attribution (see the following articles from the Food Blog Alliance and Dianne Jacob for guidelines on legal and ethical recipe adaptation and attribution).
  • Great photos are equally as important as a great story! Posts must be accompanied by at least three horizontal and/or vertical original photos at least 1000px wide/long. Novice food photographer? Read through the tips and tricks from Photoble, Crumbly Cookie, and Jenn Cuisine.
  • Posts must be between 500-800 words in length.
  • All posts should have two external (outbound) links to other sites, and at least one internal (inbound) link to another Good. Food. Stories. post.
  • Regarding word choice: “perfect,” “delicious,” or “tasty” are overused food writing crutches; get creative and talk about how briny, jaw-breaking, dense, or delicately flowery your food is instead!
  • I’ll also need a few sentences on you for a contributor introduction: Where are you from? Do you love your day job? What do you do when you’re not cooking? Again, personality is paramount.
  • If you approach the site for a guest post specifically tied to a request for a site link, I’ll say no. Good. Food. Stories. does not engage in pay-for-play SEO tactics and does not support content farms.

Email me with your thoughts and stories—I’m looking forward to hearing from you!