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Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food by Casey Barber

Pre-Order Pierogi Love! Get FREE Bonus Recipes!

“As a thank-you for pre-orderingPierogi Love, I’ll send you a FREE eBook containing 4 recipes from the book as well as 2 bonus recipes I created especially for you. You won’t get them anywhere else—not in Pierogi Love, not on this website—and they’ll definitely help get your imagination going on what else you can stuff inside a pierogi.”

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Southern Efficiency in Washington DC—via

DC’s Power Trio: Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency, Mockingbird Hill

“Though the spots are kissing cousins, related by blood under the ownership of cocktail and spirits expert Derek Brown, each has its own theme—Eat the Rich, cocktails and raw bar; Southern Efficiency, whiskey and Southern food; Mockingbird Hill, sherry and tapas. Pick your favorite or follow our lead and do a mini bar crawl, sampling a cocktail and a few bites at each location.”

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citrus-olive oil cake, via

Citrus-Olive Oil Cake for Snacking and Sharing

“Though Lisa originally baked a grapefruit version as her breakfast gift, over the past five years, I’ve made this cake with any and all citrus fruits I can get my hands on. I can tell you it’s equally bright and refreshing with a combination of grapefruit and lime, or Meyer lemons, or the blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges I used for the cake pictured here.”

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