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A Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Green Bean Sandwich

green bean sandwich with bacon, egg, and Parmesan, - via

“It was hearty. It was salty. It was like eating the contents of an entire picnic table potluck between your hands. In fact, it was so surprisingly filling that it induced something I’m now calling “sandwich regret,” where you are compelled to eat the entire thing—despite the warning, creeping pangs of an overstuffed belly—because something this warm and drippy and messy just won’t keep for leftovers.”

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Still Tasty

the Morning Addition coffee cocktail, via

The Bar Cart: The Morning Addition

“The main news story of the day is, as it should be, a bracing cup of cold-brew coffee, with the addition of a shot of amaro (the long-form feature segment or interview, if we’re continuing the news parallel). Add some dairy, if you’re so inclined, to bring in local flavor and shake in a few drops of orange bitters for a cultural update and you’ve got a well-rounded drink.”

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summer vegetable soba noodle bowl, via

Keep Your Cool with a Summer Soba Noodle Bowl

“My absolute favorite summer meal combines all these things: fresh local vegetables, a bold, garlicky sauce, and tons of fresh herbs. It’s a sesame soba bowl that’s light and cool enough for summer prep but also filling enough to eat any time. This noodle bowl is similar to Vietnamese bún, a dish of rice noodles, veggies, fresh herbs, and grilled meat. What I love so much about recipes like these are their contrasts—they combine warm and cold, cooked and raw, and soft and crunchy in one harmonious dish.”

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Central Provisions in Portland, Maine—via

Snapshots: Central Provisions, Portland, Maine

“There are no traditional divisions between starters, entrees and sides on the menu: whether you’re choosing raw, cold, hot, or hearty, every dish is a self-contained unit, and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to take on. Likewise, the lineup of plates doesn’t restrict itself to a culinary focus: the menu runs the gamut from all-American staples like an Italian grinder, stuffed with mortadella and capicola, or luxurious specials like cured foie gras with uni.”

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Photo: Casey Barber

The Bar Cart: A Summer Red Wine Spritzer

“Riffing on this centuries-old practice became my obsession as I perfected my go-to recipe for a summery red wine spritzer. Subtly savory but still thirst-quenching, and most certainly not diluted in flavor or body in any way, my new favorite warm-weather wine cocktail takes its cues from the tinto de verano and the New York Sour, a wine-topped version of the classic whiskey sour that’s also been knocking around since the 19th century.”

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