Whoopie Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Worth the Wait

I feel like I need to formally apologize. One of the greatest things about having this online pulpit is the opportunity to give voice to the crazy ideas that run through my head, but one of the biggest drawbacks is the eventual nagging tendency to second-guess myself. What I once considered a top-notch notion becomes, with time and expertise, something only half-baked (yes, pun intended). I constantly want to rethink, review, revise, rehash. Sometimes I rush myself into the kitchen and churn out the thoughts as soon as they come, sometimes I wait and force myself to cool down.

The original idea for whoopie pie ice cream entered my overheated brain last summer, but in the midst of feverish book testing and unmanageable deadlines, it just had to chill out for a while until I could fully devote my attention to it. While it waited for me to catch up, the concept morphed into something even better than my initial instinct to fold chunks of whoopie pie cake and swirl marshmallow fluff into vanilla ice cream.

whoopie pie ice cream sandwiches, via goodfoodstories.com
If you want a simpler version of this recipe, you can still go forth and make it that way, creating a cookies and cream-style pint shot through with cake and marshmallow (though I suggest halving the cake recipe or doubling the ice cream recipe if you choose this method, since you’ll end up with far more whoopie pie domes than needed.)

But I think these frozen whoopie pie sandwiches are far more visually appealing and nostalgia-inducing than a bowl of ice cream could ever be, and I’m glad I didn’t jump on the idea right away.

Instead of a tall, unwieldy ice cream whoopie pie that makes you unhinge your jaw to take a full bite, these whoopies bake up round and flat. They have the same sticky, soft texture as the white paper-wrapped ice cream sandwiches we all grew up with, a cake so soft that your teeth truly do sink into it, with cocoa-infused crumbs sticking to your fingers to be scraped off after the sandwich has disappeared. The filling merges the best of both worlds—whipped marshmallow and cold vanilla ice cream—in one soft, fluffy package.

whoopie pie ice cream sandwiches, via goodfoodstories.com
(By the way, Pennsylvania and Maine continue to bicker over which state truly has the right to claim the whoopie pie as its native dessert—er, “treat,” as they’re now referring to the cake confection. As a gob-eater from Johnstown and someone who has strong memories of the Pennsylvania Dutch cakes at bake sales and farmer’s markets, I tend to side with the Pennsylvania end of that argument, but I would never deny anyone the right to eat and enjoy a whoopie pie.)

Dare I say these adorably round ice cream sandwiches are even better than the version in Classic Snacks Made from Scratch? I’ll let you be the judge.

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  1. gburg says

    I love the story behind “gobs”. Gobs are all that I have known. Never a Whoppie Pie. Gobs are delicious. I bet your ice cream “Gobs” are great!

    • Casey BarberCasey Barber says

      Yes! For science! (That’s pretty much my excuse for eating things like salsa-flavored Cheetos too.)

  2. says

    Paper-wrapped ice cream sandwiches are my all time favorite. I can have them any time.But, these pie sandwiches look more appealing and I am definitely going to try them.

  3. dotty says

    Is it possible to spread the dough in a shallow baking pan and then use a cookie cutter to make trees and then I’d use the same cutter for the filling??? Thanks

    • Casey BarberCasey Barber says

      Dotty, it’s totally possible to do so. I would roll the dough evenly between two sheets of parchment paper, then remove the top layer before baking. Watch carefully, as your baking time may be reduced using this method.