Festive Flag Cupcake Toppers + So Pretty! Felt Giveaway

Creativity is a funny thing. While I’m completely at home futzing and tweaking away in the kitchen, I often feel all thumbs when attempting almost anything else that could be considered a hobby. It’s not that I don’t want to knit socks for my dining room chairs, or beat Dan at Wii Golf, or learn to play guitar (though thanks to my sister, the ukulele looks like it might stick. Tiny stubby T-Rex fingers can tackle four strings!), it’s that my coordination somehow doesn’t translate. I could write a whole memoir about my humiliating attempts at sports.

felt flag cupcake toppers
Which is why I’m in awe of Amy Palanjian, who quilts, crochets, cooks, bakes, gardens, sews, makes adorable flannel bunny toys for her daughter, and has so much creative energy I’m constantly waiting for some to rub off on me. [Disclosure: yeah, Amy was my editor at ReadyMade, where she encouraged my junk food-making habits. You all have her to (partially) blame.]

And not only is Amy crafty as hell, she’s a generous promoter of other crafters and their handiwork, and an inspirational teacher for us nervous newbies. Amy’s new book, So Pretty! Felt: 24 Stylish Projects to Make with Felt compiles projects from crafters all around the world, which run the gamut from gorgeously complex to straightforward enough for even a sewing simpleton like me to make something, well, so pretty!

so pretty! felt book coverWhile I’m dying to hone my skills to the point where I can make the flower-felted purse adorning the book’s cover, I’ll start small with projects that can gussy up my dining table. The felt flag cupcake toppers (tutorial below) are a prime example of simple touches that look a lot more difficult than they really are. Even if you feel like your pastry bag-squeezing skills are inferior, I bet even you can wield a glue gun and slap these puppies together for your cupcakes. With or without the embroidered letters, they’re a pretty sweet addition to a party.

I see so many opportunities to spruce up your desserts in So Pretty! Felt: the felt carnations meant for hair ornaments could easily be adapted to cake decorations; the stylized poppy pillow can be transformed into a project for a table runner or placemat; felt bows can adorn your holiday goodies (even if said goodies are store-bought!). Amy’s done the heavy lifting in bringing these stunning, tactile projects together in one book; now it’s just up to us to figure out how to incorporate them into our homes and lives.

Thanks to Amy and Chronicle Books, I’m giving away a copy of em>So Pretty! Felt: 24 Stylish Projects to Make with Felt to one lucky reader.

felt flag cupcake toppers

**The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Denise, commenter #3, and thanks to all who entered!**

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  1. Denise C says

    My boyfriend and I are quite competitive, especially when it comes to our favorite sports teams (of which we share none). We are both excited for the NHL playoffs to begin, but sadly I will be unable to watch the first couple games with him to see his team (San Jose) play the Canucks. So when I do get to watch a game with him this weekend, I’d like to make some creme brulee cupcakes with flags that spell out “Suck it, Sharks.” What can I say?? I like the Rangers and the Kings. :)